Toy Review #1: Mega Bloks (aka giant legos for young toddlers)

IMG_20151005_120912Disclaimer: Everything here is based on our family’s experience playing with the toy, not a sponsored post.

We bought a set of the Mega Bloks First Builders when Alia turned 1 year old since she showed some interest in them at the library.

At the beginning, I only gave her a handful of the small blocks and kept the rest since I wanted her to practice stacking and taking them apart first. She mastered building a tower of 6-8 blocks fairly quickly (consist of only the 1 prong), and she now has begun to use the bigger pieces.

mega bloks-1

This is the set that we bought and we’re very happy with it. It has a base that has four wheels so my husband like to make giant trucks with her. There are so many possible activities that you can do with this set: besides imaginative building, you can use them to learn about colors, size, patterns, math (e.g., count the blocks), and many more. There are different vocabulary that you can introduce to your children such as build, high, collapse, and big/small piece.

Pros: pretty colors (ours are primary colors plus green, but there are other colors available), easy to clean, good size for young toddlers, different sizes available, it comes with a storage bag.

Cons: for some reason, the 1 prong blocks feel slightly loose. I mean, when you stack them, they don’t screw pretty well. This is also the case with the blocks that we play with at the library. Perhaps this may happen after multiple uses?

Verdict: I recommend this toy to any parents. It’s a good starter set to raise a imaginative builder 😀


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