The horse on the farm says neigh, neigh, neigh…


A cow says “moo”

A sheep says “baa”

A duck says “quack”

One of our favorite read aloud and sing along theme is animal sounds. We have a couple of books on animal sounds like Moo Baa La La La by Sandra Boynton and Baby Says Moo by JoAnn Macken.

This activity combines two things: unwrapping objects and learning the animal sounds. I wrapped 12 farm animals related figurines (from Toobs) using aluminum foil and put them in an egg carton. After we unwrapped the animal, we named it and do the animal sound. To make it more fun, I sang the following song (the tune of The Wheels on the Bus):

The (animal) on the farm says (sound), the (animal) in the farm says (sound), all day long.

** The cow on the farm says moo moo moo, moo moo moo, moo moo moo. The cow on the farm says moo moo moo. All day long.**

Note: We didn’t go through the whole unwrapping activity at once since she lost interest fairly quickly :p But we had a good 5 minutes singing and getting silly with the animal sounds.

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