Toy Review #2: Stack ’em high! Plan Toy Stacking Ring

Disclaimer: Everything here is based on our family’s experience playing with the toy, not a sponsored post.

stacking ring

One of the toys on “must buy” list was stacking rings since I believe that there are so many concepts that a child can learn as they play with them: hand-eye coordination, colors, size, and counting. 

At the library, Alia has been playing with the plastic one (by Fisher Price). They’re OK, but I wanted something different. We decided to purchase the Plan Toy Stacking Ring, and we couldn’t be happier!

They’re well made! They’re made of solid wood, have beautiful and bright colors, and they make a nice sound as each ring is stacked. 

Alia began to play with it not long after she turned 1 year old. At first, she was only taking them out, but not long after, she became a master of ring stacker! 😀 Unlike the Fisher Price one, a child can stack the rings in any order and they all fit well since the size of the holes are all the same. Slowly, we are teaching her colors and sizes and then we can tell her to stack them in a certain color/shape orders. 

While we’re at Plan Toys, I want to review their other stacking toy: Plan Toy Fun Stacker. It’s one of the toys that we rented from Sparkbox Toys (online toy subscription website – I’ll write a separate review on them later). Alia hasn’t shown much interest in this stacking toy. My guess is it’s because of its shape. We must stack them in a particular order and direction for the whole thing to stay up. I think because she hasn’t grasp the concept of size and direction quite yet, it becomes quite challenging. 


IMG_20151111_172556She’s clearly more interested in the round rings 😀 

Some parents may be hesitant to buy this because of its price. Melissa and Doug sells a similar one but cheaper (I can’t speak for its quality because we’ve never played with it). However, if you’re looking for a well made product that will last for years, I’d say invest in Plan Toy’s stacking ring. 😀 

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