Toy Review #3: Let’s Take a Walk! Learning Walker

Disclaimer: Everything here is based on our family’s experience playing with the toy, not a sponsored post.


If you go to to look for top-rated toys for babies, this VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker is one of them. 

I compared this with the traditional wheeled seat baby walker, and it turns out that the traditional baby walker is not recommended for safety and physical development reasons. 

This learning walker has two parts: the front part is the play panel with colorful buttons can be easily detached and a child can play with it while he/she is sitting/crawling/on his/her tummy. I think we bought the learning walker when Alia was only 4 months and it got her interest immediately. 

IMG_20141227_084832582 IMG_20141225_120356220

The orange part is the push walker. You could control the speed of the wheels to ensure safety. But even before a child is showing interest in walking, this is a good practice station for standing up. 


The wheels are very sturdy that we brought it out to use a few times. 

IMG_20151005_104738 IMG_20150809_095937

I’m not a fan of toys that make noise and light up, but I’m surprisingly (mostly) OK with this toy. It makes some animal sounds, do re mi fa so, a couple of snippets from famous nursery rhymes, and a couple of other sounds.

We’ve had this toy for a year now and she still plays with the walker. So I’d say that this has been a good investment on our end! 😀 

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