Traveling with a toddler

Traveling with a baby/toddler means you no longer can only bring one backpack and leave. Is it just me or do you also feel that you have to bring a million things for a week trip? Seriously, I had to pack an entire carry on bag just for our beloved lil’ Alia! :p  

Whenever we travel, I always pack a few toys and books. But this time, I brought more than usual to keep her engaged in the car and at the restaurants/friend’s house. 



papers and a clipboard, crayons, sticker book, blocks, and several #diytoys: pom pom drop, straw drop, and button bank


I’m glad that I brought them with me because they helped us got through long drives. Alia no longer takes long naps when she’s in the car so papers and crayons, and some stickers kept her occupied. 

Alia would play with one of the #diytoys while we waited for our food to come or when we visited a friend’s house. Reading good books is also a fun activity to do, right? 😀

One thing that we haven’t quite figured out is how to kept her engaged when we have to drive at night and she’s still wide awake. We resorted to watching videos on Youtube, but WiFi connection can be spotty in some areas. Any ideas?




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