Learning using a #diy Light Box

Have you ever seen or played with a light table? If you see one, try it. But wait, what is a light table anyway? It’s essentially a table illuminated with light. Many people use a light table or light box to do photography, drafting, and art work. But it’s also beneficial for children as it becomes a source of visual input and it offers a different means of discovery and learning. More info on what a light table is and its purpose, you can read here.

Light table is one of those things that I learned while browsing Instagram for ideas during night feedings :p After reading about the benefits and the different engaging activities to do on a light table, I wanted one. But they’re quite pricey $$$ like this one for example.  Thankfully, there are many parents who have shared their #diy light table or light box. I followed the directions from this website. It’s super easy…

light box

– 67 Qt. storage bin with a transparent lid (I think it was around $35 at Home Depot); you can easily store this underneath your couch/bed.

– LED string light ($8 from Amazon)

– aluminum foil

– tape

(pardon Alia’s light box manner then :p)


I always have the lights off in our living room whenever we use the light box. It illuminates better obviously.

There are many activities that you can do on a light table (see this and this as examples). Here are some of our favorite activities:

**caution: if your child still puts things in his/her mouth, some of these materials may not be suitable. Each child is different; Alia learned that not all things can go into mouth around 14 month. Always supervise (and play with them) 🙂

water beads: scooping and transferring 

sorting objects: gem stones vs. water beads (hard vs. soft), different textures of gem stones (smooth vs. rough) 

drawing (I used parchment paper or any thin papers and markers) 


gel stickers: stick and peel 





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