Learn through Play with Baby Alia 6-9 months old

Obviously this post is long overdue… I mean Alia is two weeks away from becoming 20 months old :p But hey, it’s better late than never right?

So things were slightly different between February and May of 2015 since I had to go back to New York during the weekdays to finish grad school. Yes, I was a loyal customer of the Chinatown bus every Friday evening and Sunday night. Alia was with her paternal grandparents for the first two months, and then we put her in a daycare center for the remaining time .It was definitely a long semester, very exhausting, physically and emotionally. But we all survived! All because of the support of Alia’s dad and her grandparents, and because of my resilient lil’ Alia! 😀

I got through my days being away from her because my dearest husband sent me this kind of picture in the morning. Boy, I miss those chubby cheeks! Hehehehe


This was the story of my life every week – carrying a storage box full of gold liquid from NYC, followed by making a week worth of meal for Alia.

In between grading students’ papers, making lesson plans, and catching up on some sleep, we still did many explorations over the weekend.

Finger painting using yogurt for baby and food coloring (be sure that your child isn’t allergic to any of the ingredients)

A lot of gross motor skill practice, indoor and outdoor – She started crawling when she was 6 months old, and not long she started to learn how to stand and sit up on her own. I let her explore on various types of surface and space, and she seemed to have a ton of fun! 

#diytoy Tugging box : Got the idea from here. This is a good toy to enhance a baby’s hand and eye coordination.


#diytoy Her very first “drop box” : This was definitely the beginning of the whole learning of transferring objects from one medium to the next.

See you in the next post, Learn through Play with Baby Alia 9-12 months old. If you’re interested in what we did when she was a teeny, weeny baby, click here. 😀


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