30 Days of Good Deeds Ramadan Calendar for young Muslims

Muslims everywhere are counting down the days to the first day of Ramadan which this year falls on May 27. Unlike healthy adults, Alia and other young children are not expected to fast during Ramadan yet. But they certainly can still get into the spirit of the holy month. So besides having children’s books about Ramadan and Islam in our home library (see a list of our favorite books here), I decided to begin a Ramadan tradition: 30 Days of Good Deeds Ramadan Calendar. This was inspired by a IG post by @imanblog – thank you!

Our DIY Ramadan Calendar 

ramadan calendar -1


The Ramadan Calendar consists of 30 envelopes filled with a good deed card in each one. We plan on taking a card each day after breakfast and do the activity during the day.

Some of the activities are things that Alia does daily like cleaning up her playroom, watering the plants, praying with me and my husband, and helping me cook. But I included “Ramadan special” activities like preparing 30 dates for iftar (we’ll have 3 special jars filled with delicious medjool dates, one jar for each family member), write and send Eid cards to our family in Indonesia, and bake Eid cookies. 

ramadan calendar -2

I didn’t buy anything to make the calendar and used materials that I already have at home. Basically you need: a large frame/a thick cardboard, 30 envelopes, 30 good deed cards, some colored papers/markers/decorative materials, and adhesive materials to put everything together. If you search on Google, there are great examples of Ramadan Calendar for kids. 

I’ve included a list of good deeds cards that you may like to use with your children (available in English and Bahasa Indonesia). You are free to alter the content to suit your family’s needs. Click the links to download: 30 Days of Good Deeds Ramadan Calendar (English version) and Sebulan Penuh Amalan Kalendar Ramadan -v1 (Bahasa Indonesia version). 


My family and I would like to wish our Muslim brothers and sisters around the world Ramadan Mubarak! May Allah SWT bless us with a joyous Ramadan filled with good deeds, love, and happiness. 


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