The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum – Oh THE Place Your Kids Want To Go!

In case you haven’t heard, about a month ago, the Springfield Museums in Massachusetts (about 2 hours west of Boston) added a new museum, The Amazing World of Dr. Seussthe first and only museum dedicated to Dr. Seuss. Alia and I had a blast there, and we’re here to share the highlights of our visit.

Oh a quick FYI, I haven’t read many Dr. Seuss books to Alia so she has very little clue of the characters or the stories. After yesterday’s visit, she only remembers the Cat in the Hat :p. But that didn’t not stop her from having SO MUCH FUN! 

The museum is part of the Springfield Museums, so the admission fee of $25 for adults and $13 for kids age 3-17 will allow you access to all of their 5 museums (George Walter Vincent Smith Art Museum, Michele & Donald D’Amour Museum of Fine Arts, Springfield Science Museum, Lyman and Merrie Wood Museum of Springfield History, and the Dr. Seuss Museum and Sculpture Garden). What an awesome deal?! They give you a bracelet after you purchase the admission tickets and you are free to roam around to all museums as your please. The museum parking is free, and on street parking is fairly easy to find. 


I’d recommend this museum to families with kids age 2-6 based on the kinds of activities that they have. There were a good number of teenage children too. I think because the museum is very colorful and filled with memorable quotes from Dr. Seuss books, there’s much to do and most importantly it makes everyone happy, no matter the age.  

It is recommended that you purchase the admission tickets in advance (with no additional fee) as the Dr. Seuss Museum gets crowded. You’re expected to enter the museum at the stated time, and you can stay for as long as you like. Our tickets were for 2 P.M. so we visited the science museum and the sculpture garden first.

The Amazing World of Dr. Seuss Museum has three levels. The first level is the main interactive exhibits which feature different elements from the Dr. Seuss books. On the second floor, you can see a recreation of Theodore Geisel’s studio, and displays of his past work and family history. The last area is a mini library and arts and crafts space at the basement of the museum. The library has a collection of children’s books by famous authors such as Dr. Seuss (of course), Mo Willems, and Eric Carle. 

The entrance 

The second floor and the basement (library and arts and crafts space)

We spent about two hours roaming around the museum, trying all sorts of hands on activities. The main floor does get very crowded at times (compare the middle images on the second and third row), so it was good that we stayed until after 3 because suddenly we had the museum to ourselves! 

It’s definitely a museum that we’d visit again, and I’d recommend it to families with young children.

Some tips and information from me who did solo parenting yesterday at the museum: there’s a small cafe with good enough options for lunch by the welcome center; park your stroller at the entrance when you go to the Dr. Seuss Museum since it gets very crowded at times; because the sculpture garden opens until 8 P.M. (summer hours), go when it’s nice and cool so your kids and enjoy the garden; spend the day in Springfield so you’ll get a chance to visit a few museums and not just the Dr. Seuss Museum. 

Hope you and your family will get a chance to visit the Springfield Museum and had as much fun as we did! 😀 




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